Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Closet Revolution Launch

As I previously mentioned in my last post, I have been working on a very special project for the last month.  It took some time to put together, but I am now ready to introduce you to.... 

The Closet Revolution is a year long project intended to highlight personal, creative, and sustainable style as a means to raise money for troubled youth programs.  

Since February 1, 2013 I have been wearing the same dress each day and have styled it in different ways using pieces from my existing closet paired with sustainable items.   I will be doing this project for an entire year, picking a new base dress every month..... 365 days, 12 dresses, 1 challenge

The rules are laid out on the project's website but the main rules are 
  • I cannot buy any clothing or shoes for the entire year
  • I must wear the selected dress of the month every day 
  • I may accept clothing donations as long as they are vintage, sustainable, or local
  • No label names will be advertised on the site unless they are re-purposed, sustainable, or local
It's a difficult challenge, but it has become increasingly important to me to address the issue of low self esteem in youth stemming from the belief that items purchased from "big box stores" are the only things that makes a person worth anything.  It is true that fashion can influence personal style and creative identity, but we do not need to feed into the mainstream to become human mannequins.  I wanted to do a challenge to inspire creativity, raise money for troubled youth, and showcase the alternatives to the "big box stores"

To really make this project happen I will be asking for clothing donations, as well as monetary donations throughout the year.  Local, sustainable, and re-purposed clothing items are super important as the goal is to showcase alternatives to the norm without sacrificing style.  

If you have something you want to donate, or know someone who would like to contribute please click here.

I will be posting a picture everyday at so make sure to visit often


Anonymous said...

Wow unbelievable looks. Very creative what you can do.
with one outfit.

Clarissa said...

thanks so much! make sure to check out all the looks at