Friday, September 07, 2012

Oh hey that's me in the Paper

You know it's Fashion Season when you're life goes from 0 to 60 in 3.5.... heh heh... But you gotta love nothing more.

After being apart of Fashion Night Out Vancouver, the most fabulous kick-off to the season, (look for coverage here and on the Social Life Magazine all next week), there is almost nothing that can top my week......

....except maybe seeing my face in the Westender Newspaper!

on line version here

A huge-mongous thank you to Kelsey Klassen from the Westender for this flawless article, and to Viranlly Liemena for the perfect photo!

The support I have received in the last year has been unremarkeable, and I thank my lucky stars everyday for the amazing opportunities that have been brought my way.

With that said, this is not the peak of Clarisky Business.... something tells me it's going to be a BIG season!!

P.S - If anyone has a paper copy of the Westender in their posession, I am almost willing to pay a small fortune for it. It has disappeared from paper boxes all over the city and I cannot seem to find one anywhere. :)

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