Thursday, August 23, 2012

Style Request - Weddings

Mid August through September is prime wedding season and today's post is all about what to wear on to these special summer events.

The idea came from the following Reader Style Request:

Clarisky Business,

This time of year I am finding that all of my weekends are booked with friend's weddings.  I have the same couple of outfits and accessories on rotation, but am looking for something a little more fun and edgy without being un-classy.  Do you have any ideas for a complete wedding day look that isn't boooring?


Luckily I recently attended a wedding and had a similar struggle with how to stay Clarisky in a wedding setting.  This is what I came up with.

For the Day
I kept my day outfit fun, girly and summery. I had bought this dress in a boutique in Kelowna and hadn't yet had a chance to wear it.

I wanted to keep my hair simple and polished. I tied back in a half pony-tail so that it looked put together, but not too done up.

From the front, you may have thought this looks a little conservative for Ms. Clarisky, but the back is definitely where all the fun is.  I normally would wear this bad boy with out a bandeau top, but for a wedding cereomony setting that would have been hardly appropriate.

I kept the accessories pretty simple with a grey envelope purse (H&M), pearl earrings, silver jewelry and wedge sandals.

I loved how my yellow nail polish brought such a pop of colour to the outfit.

For the Night
The evening wedding activities are where you can really jazz up your outfit. I usually refrain from wearing black at weddings, but this dress I bought at All Saints had so much character and class I thought it was the perfect contrast to my day outfit. 

This dress has a hidden bustier top which provides structure and form. The straps can also be tied in various funky ways.  

 I funked up the dress with some sky-high Nine West wedges and a fun necklace.  I turned my same purse into a clutch, and swapped my silver jewelry for gold.

I wanted to class up my hair for the evening, so I loosely curled it with a barrel curling iron and then put it into a loose french braid.  To avoid a little rat tail I twisted the end under and through the last braid, and pinned the elastic underneath.

Hope you likey!

What do you think of my wedding outfits?  Have any comments?  If you have your own Style Request, just send an email to and I will answer it on up!

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