Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who likes High Shorts?

While I'm not one for outfit posts in the winter, I thought I'd start posting my summer outfits because, well, I have an enormous closet and it`s about time my clothes get the exposure they deserve.

The beautiful setting of California has really inspired me so I have taken as many as I can here.

These are a pair of my favourite shorts...

I am all about the high-waisted pants and shorts, because they fit my body type just perfect: small waist and a healthy helping of badonka-donk. :)  

If you ever find that low-rise shorts make you look a little too stumpy for your liking, try a pair of these! 
And for all those who don't believe Americans do it bigger.......

....they do! I mean who doesn't want to see Marilyn`s underwear?! :)

What do you think of my look? Are you as in love with the high-waisted short? 

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