Sunday, July 22, 2012

Product of the Week - Tan Through Swimwear

Today I have the perfect product to wrap up Bikini Week.

There is nothing more unfashionable than wearing a backless cocktail dress and having full on olympic one-piece tan lines running up and down your back. Same goes with wearing a cute strapless maxi with white halter top bikini lines glowing on your chest.

You try to avoid this disaster by doing the "bikini top switch," or tying the straps in some ridiculous knot around your front that allows for the most amount of exposed skin but provides absolutely zero support, which then binds you to your beach chair in a paralyzed position because if you move there is sure to be a Janet Jackson nip slip.

Well lucky for you you no longer have to do the bikini dance, because I introduce to you 

Tan Through Swimwear

Apparently, due to some world patented fabric these bathing suits allow the sun to pass through your bikini to give you an all over tan.  

My first worry was that these suits would be completely see-through, but according to the website the fabric contains an "optical illusionary colouring process" so that the swimwear is not see through when worn to the skin.


You can find these swimsuits here at I personally find some of the prints to be a little aggressive, but you may be able to find a basic animal print that is appropriate for tanning in your backyard.  

Of course the website recommends using sunscreen on your entire body, because the sun's rays will pass through the fabric.  The only thing worse than tan lines is tomato skin.  

What do you think of the Tan Through Swimwear from kiniki? Is this the answer to your tan line problems?

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