Friday, July 20, 2012

Bikini Week Day 4 - Maaji

Now we are on to Day 4 of Bikini Week. I hope you have been keeping up with all the bikini talk. 

This week we've looked at bikini styles that will amp up your bust, accentuate your apple bottom, and flatter an un-flattering tummy, what's next you ask?  I left the best for last!

Sometimes, I find that in the stress of the whole "finding a flattering bikini" mahem, we forget that a bikini is just as much an outfit as any other.  If you have to brave the unruly lighting at the public pool, just after Christmas but before your binge workout phase, why not feel completely confident and wear something that is uniquely you. 
More importantly it's the only thing you have covering your lady parts in public, so you just might want to be friends with it!  Show your personality with a bikini that suits your style, and have a little fun! get crazy if you have to.

So in the name of bikini personalities, I feature my all time, forever-in-my-heart, suits my style to a tee, favourite bikini designer ever....


I stumbled across Maaji a few years ago online, and was astounded. I could barely comprehend the mixing of patterns and tasteful details, becuase I had never seen a swim line that carried so much personality.  

Needless to say I now own a few Maaji suits, but this one is my favourite.  

You have to see it up close to really appreciate all the details, the frills, the patterns, the colours... I could go on

Here are some more of their pieces that I adore. I tried to only pick a few. It was tough.


You can take a look at maaji's full collection at They also have a list of online stores where you can purchase them. I buy my Maaji swimwear from here.

Well I hoped you enjoy the Clarisky Bikini Week I have a couple more bikini surprises for you, so don't go too far!

What do you think of Maaji? Did you find something in their collection that shows your bikini personality? Do you know of any swimwear designers that I should add to my collection? I would love nothing more than to hear from you!!! @clariskybiz or

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