Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bikini Week Day 3 - One Teaspoon

I'm back at it with Day 3 of Bikini Week.

In case you missed Day 1 and 2 let me get you up to speed. Basically I have more bathing suits than the Bachelorette and the Victoria's Secret Warehouse combined, and I'm always getting asked where I bought my bikini's. I recently had a chance to do a photo shoot in California so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase some of my favourite bikini designers and styles.  

So today I'm featuring one of my new favourites...

One Teaspoon
You are probably already in love with their unique and free spirited clothing, but have you checked out their swimwear? Well you should!

This season the high waisted 50's inspired two piece is all the rage which is perfect for me because I love all things high waisted. I wasn't too sure how the high waist would look on me as swimwear, but when I saw this One Teaspoon two-piece at Jennyfleur Loves I fell into bikini love (which, yes, happens often)..

Now I'm not one for basic black when it comes to anything, but the belt, splash of grey and bergundy, and frill detail make this swimsuit far from basic.  Not to mention it is just oooozing with style.

Whats even better about the high waist is that it allows you to cover up an unflattering tummy without going to a full on one-piece.  You can still show some skin without putting too much out there

However, if you did want to completely cover up your mid section, One Teaspoon also has some really stylish one-pieces. Here are some of my favs that can be purchased at Jennyfleur Loves in yaletown along with some other high-waisters


You can check out other One Teaspoon styles here. These suits are not conventional by any means, but I encourage you to give it a try! You never know you, could just be surprised!

What do you think of the high waisted bikini? ready to reveal your inner pinup girl? How about One Teaspoon, anything you want to try?

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