Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bikini Week Day 2 - Salinas

It's Day 2 of Bikini Week!  Don't worry if you missed Day 1 you can check it out here.  

Yesterday I featured one of my favourite Victoria's Secret bikinis that helps add some lift to an otherwise "lift-less" top half, so it's only fair that today we take care of a curve-less bottom half.

There is no better designer to emphasize the curves of a booty than my long time favourite swimwear designer....


Salinas has been grazing magazine covers for 15 years since its inception in 1997 in Brazil.  The brand's origin makes complete sense when you look at the cut and fit of the bikini bottoms. All of the bottoms are made to emphasize the curves of a woman's better bottom half, which are very "prominent" on the beaches of Brazil. 

I came across Salinas in a little bikini shop in Osoyoos, BC, almost 10 years, and it is still one of my go-to bikinis.

I absolutely love the contrasting dots and stripes, as well as the wide waistband

Many of Salinas swimsuits feature this thick waist band that add curve to the hips. Some of the wide waistbands rollover so they can be adjusted around the hips or waist. 

 Here are some similar styles from the current collection


You can buy Salinas bikinis online at their website here, or here. I have also seen select styles at California Day in Osoyoos, BC.

If you are looking for a bikini that will draw attention to your already existing bottom curves, or want to create an illusion of a full behind, then a Salinas bikini is right for you!

From experience, however; I can tell you that if you have an already curvy behind beware that you may find your bum getting a little "hungry" while you walk, as the backs are cut in the very sexy Brazilian style i.e. skimpy!

What do you think of Salinas swimwear? Are you daring enough to rock the Brazilian bum?

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