Monday, July 16, 2012

Bikini Week Day 1 - Victoria's Secret

As promised, today is the start of Bikini Week!

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim kicking off in Miami this week, and the local weather getting hot hot hot, I thought it was time for Bikini Week. For those who know me well enough, and prob even those who don't know me that well at all, know that I LOVE swimwear. It's just my thing.  Some may collect designer purses or shoes, but my thing is swimwear.  I have over 30 pieces and I am always getting asked where I purchase them. I could write for hours about all of my favourite designers, sotres, and styles, but I figured I could wrap it all into a week long bikini extravaganza!

I recently had the opportunity of doing a swimwear photoshoot in California wearing some of my favourite designers and styles. Let me tell you as a non-model doing a bikini shoot is, it is very overwhelming, but thanks to the amazing photo talent, Graziella, and the onset crew, we were able to catch only the best angles so I could give you a little glimpse of my personal bikini favourites.

So let's start with the basics...

Victoria's Secret

Many people ask me where they can find a super cute bikini for a super slim price. Some just don't feel that you need to pay an arm and a leg for such a small amount of material.  When I get asked this question I always suggest Victoria Secret. They have over 200 styles to choose from for very affordable prices. Unforunately, if you live in Canada, you don't have the luxury of trying them on since you have to buy them online, but Victoria's Secret has a great return policy.

This is one of my absolute favourites from Victoria Secret.  The powder blue colour, scoop neck, and white embellishment make it very unique.

The scoop neck really helps if you are not as gifted in the top half. It creates the illusion of a full chest without looking fake, no pillow pads necessary.... you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, this particular bikini is currently sold out at VS, but you can try these similar styles that will have the same "lifting" effect. Both can be found at


The only draw back, for me, regarding VS Bikinis is that they are becoming so popular that you may not be the only one that shows up to the pool party wearing that particular bikini.  It is less of a chance if you live in Canada, but hey they are popular for a reason!

That wraps up the first day of Bikini Week, I've got lots more where that came from.  Come back tomorrow for Day 2 where I show another one of my fav designers/styles, this time adding a little umph to the bottom half.

What do you think of the VS powder blue, scoop neck bikini?  Own any of your own VS bikinis? I'd love you to comment below and share your thought/experiences.

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