Sunday, July 29, 2012

Product of the Week - Wine Wipes

So you've just gone out for drinks with your girlfriends and you are about to head to your next destination, when you catch a glimpse of your red wine stained teeth in your compact...crap .. you realize it looks like a blueberry and a red freezy had a fight in your mouth!  What do you do?...

....Enter the Clarisky Product of the Week..

Wine Wipes 

These cleverly packaged wipes (includes a mirror in the lid) are meant to wipe any stains off your pearly wipes. You get 20 wipes in a container and it saves you from having to carry around a toothbrush in your purse. They also ensure that they will not interfere with the taste of your wine unlike toothpaste. The wipes are made with natural products and can be purchased here for $6.95.

They also have a list on their website of all the stores that carry them in Vancouver.

They also have Pearly Wipes that take care of the more general teeth stains such as coffee, tea, blue candies...etc.

I am a huge fan of this product cuz I love me some pearly whites, I think it is the perfect alternative to lugging around a toothbrush.

What do you think of the Wine Wipes? Ready to blind the city with your sparkle?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Product of the Week - Tan Through Swimwear

Today I have the perfect product to wrap up Bikini Week.

There is nothing more unfashionable than wearing a backless cocktail dress and having full on olympic one-piece tan lines running up and down your back. Same goes with wearing a cute strapless maxi with white halter top bikini lines glowing on your chest.

You try to avoid this disaster by doing the "bikini top switch," or tying the straps in some ridiculous knot around your front that allows for the most amount of exposed skin but provides absolutely zero support, which then binds you to your beach chair in a paralyzed position because if you move there is sure to be a Janet Jackson nip slip.

Well lucky for you you no longer have to do the bikini dance, because I introduce to you 

Tan Through Swimwear

Apparently, due to some world patented fabric these bathing suits allow the sun to pass through your bikini to give you an all over tan.  

My first worry was that these suits would be completely see-through, but according to the website the fabric contains an "optical illusionary colouring process" so that the swimwear is not see through when worn to the skin.


You can find these swimsuits here at I personally find some of the prints to be a little aggressive, but you may be able to find a basic animal print that is appropriate for tanning in your backyard.  

Of course the website recommends using sunscreen on your entire body, because the sun's rays will pass through the fabric.  The only thing worse than tan lines is tomato skin.  

What do you think of the Tan Through Swimwear from kiniki? Is this the answer to your tan line problems?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bikini Week Day 4 - Maaji

Now we are on to Day 4 of Bikini Week. I hope you have been keeping up with all the bikini talk. 

This week we've looked at bikini styles that will amp up your bust, accentuate your apple bottom, and flatter an un-flattering tummy, what's next you ask?  I left the best for last!

Sometimes, I find that in the stress of the whole "finding a flattering bikini" mahem, we forget that a bikini is just as much an outfit as any other.  If you have to brave the unruly lighting at the public pool, just after Christmas but before your binge workout phase, why not feel completely confident and wear something that is uniquely you. 
More importantly it's the only thing you have covering your lady parts in public, so you just might want to be friends with it!  Show your personality with a bikini that suits your style, and have a little fun! get crazy if you have to.

So in the name of bikini personalities, I feature my all time, forever-in-my-heart, suits my style to a tee, favourite bikini designer ever....


I stumbled across Maaji a few years ago online, and was astounded. I could barely comprehend the mixing of patterns and tasteful details, becuase I had never seen a swim line that carried so much personality.  

Needless to say I now own a few Maaji suits, but this one is my favourite.  

You have to see it up close to really appreciate all the details, the frills, the patterns, the colours... I could go on

Here are some more of their pieces that I adore. I tried to only pick a few. It was tough.


You can take a look at maaji's full collection at They also have a list of online stores where you can purchase them. I buy my Maaji swimwear from here.

Well I hoped you enjoy the Clarisky Bikini Week I have a couple more bikini surprises for you, so don't go too far!

What do you think of Maaji? Did you find something in their collection that shows your bikini personality? Do you know of any swimwear designers that I should add to my collection? I would love nothing more than to hear from you!!! @clariskybiz or

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bikini Week Day 3 - One Teaspoon

I'm back at it with Day 3 of Bikini Week.

In case you missed Day 1 and 2 let me get you up to speed. Basically I have more bathing suits than the Bachelorette and the Victoria's Secret Warehouse combined, and I'm always getting asked where I bought my bikini's. I recently had a chance to do a photo shoot in California so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to showcase some of my favourite bikini designers and styles.  

So today I'm featuring one of my new favourites...

One Teaspoon
You are probably already in love with their unique and free spirited clothing, but have you checked out their swimwear? Well you should!

This season the high waisted 50's inspired two piece is all the rage which is perfect for me because I love all things high waisted. I wasn't too sure how the high waist would look on me as swimwear, but when I saw this One Teaspoon two-piece at Jennyfleur Loves I fell into bikini love (which, yes, happens often)..

Now I'm not one for basic black when it comes to anything, but the belt, splash of grey and bergundy, and frill detail make this swimsuit far from basic.  Not to mention it is just oooozing with style.

Whats even better about the high waist is that it allows you to cover up an unflattering tummy without going to a full on one-piece.  You can still show some skin without putting too much out there

However, if you did want to completely cover up your mid section, One Teaspoon also has some really stylish one-pieces. Here are some of my favs that can be purchased at Jennyfleur Loves in yaletown along with some other high-waisters


You can check out other One Teaspoon styles here. These suits are not conventional by any means, but I encourage you to give it a try! You never know you, could just be surprised!

What do you think of the high waisted bikini? ready to reveal your inner pinup girl? How about One Teaspoon, anything you want to try?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bikini Week Day 2 - Salinas

It's Day 2 of Bikini Week!  Don't worry if you missed Day 1 you can check it out here.  

Yesterday I featured one of my favourite Victoria's Secret bikinis that helps add some lift to an otherwise "lift-less" top half, so it's only fair that today we take care of a curve-less bottom half.

There is no better designer to emphasize the curves of a booty than my long time favourite swimwear designer....


Salinas has been grazing magazine covers for 15 years since its inception in 1997 in Brazil.  The brand's origin makes complete sense when you look at the cut and fit of the bikini bottoms. All of the bottoms are made to emphasize the curves of a woman's better bottom half, which are very "prominent" on the beaches of Brazil. 

I came across Salinas in a little bikini shop in Osoyoos, BC, almost 10 years, and it is still one of my go-to bikinis.

I absolutely love the contrasting dots and stripes, as well as the wide waistband

Many of Salinas swimsuits feature this thick waist band that add curve to the hips. Some of the wide waistbands rollover so they can be adjusted around the hips or waist. 

 Here are some similar styles from the current collection


You can buy Salinas bikinis online at their website here, or here. I have also seen select styles at California Day in Osoyoos, BC.

If you are looking for a bikini that will draw attention to your already existing bottom curves, or want to create an illusion of a full behind, then a Salinas bikini is right for you!

From experience, however; I can tell you that if you have an already curvy behind beware that you may find your bum getting a little "hungry" while you walk, as the backs are cut in the very sexy Brazilian style i.e. skimpy!

What do you think of Salinas swimwear? Are you daring enough to rock the Brazilian bum?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bikini Week Day 1 - Victoria's Secret

As promised, today is the start of Bikini Week!

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim kicking off in Miami this week, and the local weather getting hot hot hot, I thought it was time for Bikini Week. For those who know me well enough, and prob even those who don't know me that well at all, know that I LOVE swimwear. It's just my thing.  Some may collect designer purses or shoes, but my thing is swimwear.  I have over 30 pieces and I am always getting asked where I purchase them. I could write for hours about all of my favourite designers, sotres, and styles, but I figured I could wrap it all into a week long bikini extravaganza!

I recently had the opportunity of doing a swimwear photoshoot in California wearing some of my favourite designers and styles. Let me tell you as a non-model doing a bikini shoot is, it is very overwhelming, but thanks to the amazing photo talent, Graziella, and the onset crew, we were able to catch only the best angles so I could give you a little glimpse of my personal bikini favourites.

So let's start with the basics...

Victoria's Secret

Many people ask me where they can find a super cute bikini for a super slim price. Some just don't feel that you need to pay an arm and a leg for such a small amount of material.  When I get asked this question I always suggest Victoria Secret. They have over 200 styles to choose from for very affordable prices. Unforunately, if you live in Canada, you don't have the luxury of trying them on since you have to buy them online, but Victoria's Secret has a great return policy.

This is one of my absolute favourites from Victoria Secret.  The powder blue colour, scoop neck, and white embellishment make it very unique.

The scoop neck really helps if you are not as gifted in the top half. It creates the illusion of a full chest without looking fake, no pillow pads necessary.... you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, this particular bikini is currently sold out at VS, but you can try these similar styles that will have the same "lifting" effect. Both can be found at


The only draw back, for me, regarding VS Bikinis is that they are becoming so popular that you may not be the only one that shows up to the pool party wearing that particular bikini.  It is less of a chance if you live in Canada, but hey they are popular for a reason!

That wraps up the first day of Bikini Week, I've got lots more where that came from.  Come back tomorrow for Day 2 where I show another one of my fav designers/styles, this time adding a little umph to the bottom half.

What do you think of the VS powder blue, scoop neck bikini?  Own any of your own VS bikinis? I'd love you to comment below and share your thought/experiences.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Product of the Week - Wine Purse

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

I have something fun for this week's Product of the Week.

Many of the females out there may have waited in line recently to see some well toned male physique shake their thang on the big screen. If you haven't seen Magic Mike in theaters yet then I may have something that may make the experience even more of an experience ;) ...

The Wine Purse

Now you can bring a bottle of red or white to any appropriate occasion in style.  While some may bring their own snacks to the movie theatre, this purse allows you to enjoy a little drinky drink with your girlfriends along with the bucket of popcorn and peanut M&Ms.

These purses come in all different styles and are only $29.99! You can buy them directly from this site here, or you can also buy them at It even has a little spot for a corkscrew.  If only it came with a couple of wine glasses!

What do you think of the Wine Purse?Is it the perfect carry case for a night of drinky drink with your girlfriends?  

Friday, July 13, 2012

Beach Bum

Although the sun is finally taking a liking to Vancouver, I can't help but wish I was back on the beaches of California.  Every time I go down I remember how much I love the Californian life and wish I could call the beach my home. I mean I can't complain about Vancouver, it is pretty amazing, but I am definitely a beach bum at heart!

Here's what I wore while galavanting around Newport Beach

Wearing: Material Girl dress, Nine West sandals, Christian Dior aviators, floppy hat bought at Exposure (below)

I have to thank my Momma for this summer dress. Every once in a while she buys some "youthful" items thinking that she is "of age," and then realizes once she gets home that maybe her crop top and mini skirt time has expired.... enter me, the still youthful daughter!

I absolutely love the colours and print on this dress, and this was the perfect time to pull out the floppy hat. I mean if yachts and Ferraris don't scream floppy hat, I don't know what does.

I am in love with the beach houses that border the Newport Beach bordwalk they are absolutely to die for!

Who doesn't want a pair of giant flip flops!?
...and here are a couple more amazing pictures.. you can find more on my Instagram @clariskybiz!!

Hope you enjoyed your quick trip down south!  Come back next week for BIKINI WEEK!! you do not want to miss it!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who likes High Shorts?

While I'm not one for outfit posts in the winter, I thought I'd start posting my summer outfits because, well, I have an enormous closet and it`s about time my clothes get the exposure they deserve.

The beautiful setting of California has really inspired me so I have taken as many as I can here.

These are a pair of my favourite shorts...

I am all about the high-waisted pants and shorts, because they fit my body type just perfect: small waist and a healthy helping of badonka-donk. :)  

If you ever find that low-rise shorts make you look a little too stumpy for your liking, try a pair of these! 
And for all those who don't believe Americans do it bigger.......

....they do! I mean who doesn't want to see Marilyn`s underwear?! :)

What do you think of my look? Are you as in love with the high-waisted short?