Sunday, June 03, 2012

Product of the Week - Coconut Oil

Today's Product of the Week may be a surprise to some eventhough It doesn't exactly follow all of the strange, un-expected previous weekly products.  This week's product is one that it is a little less outside the box, however it's many uses are allover, under, and outside the box!

This Week's Product of the Week is ......

Coconut Oil
Many of you may already know that Coconut Oil is a healthier oil alternative to the more usual cooking oils suspects (canola, olive, vegetable), but did you know that it also has an abundance of other beauty benefits? Coconut Oil can help with anything from general moisturizing to embarrassing rash medicating, so I thought I would share some of my favvourite uses, aswell as the not so obvious uses with you.  

My personal favourite uses for Coconut Oil are  

1. Deep leave-in hair condition.

I often get comments on how healthy and shiny my hair is, and I owe a lot of those compliments to Coconut Oil.  Just apply a SMALL amount to dry ends, and leave it in as long as possible. Wash out thoroughly when you are ready.

2. Scalp moisturizer. (Relieves dry scalp, cradle cap, psoriasis)

I had the misfortune of suffering from cradle cap well out of my "cradle" years.  Massage Coconut oil onto the scalp and leaving in over night to rid of any scalp dryness or build-up.

3. Lip scrub/Body Scrub

A while back I shared my homemade lip scrub recipe with you check here to see how you can make this tasty lip scrub using Coconut Oil.

4. Shaving Cream

Coconut Oil can be used in place of shaving cream.  It protects the skin from the damage that can occur from shaving and provides a smooth finish. I love how my legs smell after I use it. 

5. All around moisturizer

Whenever you are feeling overly dry from any extreme weather change, use Coconut Oil in place of your regular moisturizer.  Remember if you have oily skin (on your face especially) only use a small amount. We don't want to see any shiny face explosions.

Some other interesting uses for Coconut Oil

6.   Deodorant
7.   Toothpaste
8.   Love Balm.......wink wink 
9.   Eye Makeup Remover
10. Goo Gone
11. Furniture Polish 
12. Stretch mark diminish-er 
13. Yeast infection relieve-er 

..and the list goes on and on. Research some more uses yourself and be prepared to be blown away.

Now, where can you purchase this amazing product?  
I got my medium jar at Winners for $9 but I have also seen it at Superstore in the health food isle. 

so go on and get using some Coconut Oil!

Got any uses for Coconut Oil that I missed? Share some of your secrets below.


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