Sunday, June 17, 2012

Product of the Week - Caviar Manicure

Today's Product of the Week proves that the finer things in life are now available for every part of your body and limbs!

I`m talking about the ever growing popular...

Caviar Manicure


You may have seen this fad grazing the runway and in the magazines, but now Sephora carries an easy, do-it-yourself pack by Ciaté complete with base colour and caviar pearls for $28.  You have a choice of 3 different polish shades and pearl colours; Strawberry Milkshake with Rainbow pearls, Snow Virgin with Mother of Pearl pearls, and Ghetto Fabulous with Black pearls. 

I had a go at it at their demo station in the mall and it worked quite well, however I did not have the patience to wait the suggested 15-20 minutes and some of the pearls started to fall off. 

I also made the mistake of coating the finished product with a clear top coat which made the colour of the pearls run and smudge together.  

If you like the idea of the 3D mani and are looking for a no hassle pack to make your fingies look like those of the celebs, then this is the perfect product for you.

I personally found that the price was a little steep, so I am in search of a cheaper alternative.. possibly find the pearls separately?.. I'll keep you posted.

What do you think? Are you loving how your nails could look like a school of fish laid eggs in your nail bed? Have you already purchase the Ciate set from Sephora? send pics to or post them at

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