Friday, June 01, 2012

Pics from the Week - Sunnier Times

With the rain getting me down on this Friday afternoon I thought I would post some pics from some of the happenings this week.. Most of the pics include much better weather so hopefully they offer some cheer to your dreary Rainday Friday...

wearing new Topshop pink highwaisted pants.. love.


polka dot postal packages, and yellow nails make my day

giving some love in my fav EgoCloset highwaisted shorts

love my gal's heart sunnies

I tried so hard to make my feet grow a size and a half :( it was a no go.

pumping out a serious lace project on a rainy day

Enjoy your weekend.. unfortunately rain is scheduled for the next couple days, but the reality is we'd probably get nothing done if it weren't for the rain... so cheer up ?

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