Sunday, May 20, 2012

Product of the Week - CompUShade

I hope you are having a fabulous long weekend doing whatever your little fashion hearts desire... I'm taking a much needed break up in the Okanagan for the weekend... Thank god for 'almost' summer.

Speaking of summer-ish weather, last week I had quite the dilemma of trying to pull myself indoors to catch up on my blogging... with the sun beaming all I wanted to do was sit outside!.  Unfortuntely, we all know that it is impossible to do anything on the computer outdoors, unless you want to increase your winkle count by 1000 from all the squinting.  So I did some searching for all my fellow fashion blogger friends and found the least geeky un-stylish solution I could find......

The CompUShade

It folds right up, provides a little hat for your computer, allows you to work outside on your lappy toppy, and lets you relax your face to keep wrinkles to a minimum.  You can purchase the CompUshade online here

No it's not the most chic laptop accessory, but here are some of the alternatives.......

image source

or just curl up with a big umbrella like this guy... not a bad idea I guess.

Got any wacky ideas of how to work on your computer outside? I'd love to see them! You can post them to

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