Sunday, May 13, 2012

Product of the Week - Color Bug by Kevin Murphy

First off I wanna wish all the fashionable Mamma's out there a very Happy Mothers Day.  We all know the young fashionistas must have had to get there fashion sense from somewhere....

Now if you are one of those last minuters searcing for a rockin' Mother's Day gift, this week's product might just save your fashionably late behind...

The Color Bug by Kevin Murphy


Once again the amazing hair phenom Shawna at Filomena Salon Spa, let me in on this fun hair tip.  Kevin Murphy came up with this great concept of makeup for your hair!  These "color bugs" bring some cool colors to your fringe temporarily, and are super easy to slap on, and just as easy to take off.

I got myself a pink one and I love how it works

All you do is run a strand of hair through the Color Bug and the color is applied to your hair. I was worried that It wouldn't work for me as my hair is quite dark, but I was happily surprised at the result. The pink shows up as a more natural purple colour in my hair but it definitely still works.  It works even better on lighter coloured hair.

You can even try using all three colours (purple, pink, orange) to create a multi-coloured ombre effect!

Just a word of caution the colour may transfer onto your hands and clothing when you apply it so I suggest wrapping a towel around your shoulders when you use the color bug.  If some color does get on to your clothes all you gotta do is give it a quick wash and it will come right out.

What do you think of the color bug? What color do you want to give a try? I think it's one bug I'll let stick around


Aurélie. said...

Where have you bought the color bug? I don't know where to find it -.- :)

Clarissa said...

Hi Aurélie,

I bought my color bug at Filomena Salon Spa in Coquitlam, B.C. If you don't live in the Vancouver area you can go to this link and find a salon in your area that sells Kevin Murphy products.

Hope that helps!