Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fashion Weekend Re-cap - The Bay Spring Trends Event

Unlike the past few weekends, this weekend's events were a little less blog worthy (attempted fabric shopping, attempted house cleaning, attempted real world living), so I decided to roll Thursday into the Weekend Recap... (Thursday has always been a strong weekend contender in my books anyways)...so read on..

...Last Thursday I attended the Bay's Spring Trends Shopping Event hosted by the always lovely  and chic Mana Mansour.
Nothing puts a smile on my face more than emerging off the escalator, onto the second floor of the Bay Pacific Centre, into the glowing white lights of fashion's finest. Now multiply that euphoria by 5 and you'll understand my excitement when I arrived at the spring trends event.  I mean who wouldn't be ecstatic when you are greeted with champagne, evian, and a CANDY BUFFET..... "candy buffet" enough said!
The event was meticulously put together, and the atmosphere was fun, and fashionable. So much so that I couldn't pull my eyes away to look through the lens of my big Bertha of a camera, so I snapped these Instagram photos instead just for you

Featured below are the great bloggers and magazine editors of the Van fashion world. Those to especially take note of  are Brittany from Style Republic, Monika from the Doctor's Closet, Jen from Her Waise Choice, and Christie from Style Nine to Five who all did an amazing job on the fashion panel.  These ultra-fashionistas educated the audience on what to wear, and how to wear it for spring.

A Spring Trends Summary: The mannequins say it best, bold colours + pastels = pretty much anything goes this spring, be daring and let loose.....except maybe steer clear of the short-short shorts for the majority of us  with non-model thighs :) 

But wait! what did I wear you ask?  well I decided to leave Vinny the Mini at home this round and try my luck on the fancy skytrain sky limo. In order to glam up my ride I dazzled the red plastic seats and stainless steal poles with some gold... on my feet...

Thank you Hudsons Bay Company for such a glam Thursday night!

Did you attend the Bay's Spring Shopping Event? what did you think? What trends are your favourite for this Spring?

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Unknown said...

looks like a great time! :) i was in LA for this event, are you going to the next one?!