Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Collection Feature - Jason Matlo Bridal 2012

Once again we take a look at Vancouver designer Jason Matlo in today's Collection Feature post.  Last time I shared my thoughts on Jason's cocktail dress line, Babe, but today I bring you some of Matlo's designs in a much more formal setting.. Jason Matlo Bridal 2012.

I must say that lately I have had the pleasure of attending some amazing events and shows, but Jason Matlo's The Art of Romance Bridal 2012 collection has definitely topped the list.  

It was held at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel Georgia in their Spanish Ballroom..  of course when I say "Ballroom" you think of a room that is exquisite and royal, and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

Once the show began I was whisked away to a land of fairy tale brides and romance, and for 20 minutes I was perfectly content snapping photos of the immaculately dressed models complete with a massive smile on my face.  Take a look at the amazing gowns...

This dress was my absolute favourite.... It is so sweet,simple and chic, I got butterflies when it walked the runway.  I swear when I saw this dress I did a mental scan of all the eligible men in my life in order to calculate the soonest possible date I could wear it... turns out I'm single for a reason..... 
From the dresses, to the Tiffany & Co. jewelry giveaway, to the flowers, to the macaroons, it was all about the finest details at the Art of Romance show, and Jason and his team thought of it all...

From top to bottom Jason Matlo's Bridal 2012 Collection was exquisite, the craftsmanship was impeccable and the dresses are to die for.  It was an honour to attend this event, and any lady would be lucky to wear one of Jason's gowns on their big day.

What do you think? Have you caught your breath yet? Tell me, tell me.

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