Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clarisky Piece of the Week - Summer Vest

Happy Wednesday Fashion Lovers..

With the sun finally shining and the temperature heating up, it's time to bring out your summer go-to pieces. Here is one of mine...

The Summer Vest 

I originally whipped this up as an ultra clarisky dress for Vancouver Fashion Week, worn only with high-waisted skivvies... 

photo: Viranlly Liemena

photo: Viranlly Liemena

...however, since not all places in life are Fashion Week wear appropriate, I designed this piece so that it could also be worn less cla-risqué. 

Hope you like it worn both ways ... tell me what you think below. Which do you like better?

P.S the shorts I am wearing in the first three pictures were purchased from Ego Closet.  If you haven't checked out Ego Closet you darn well should! It is a Vancouver based online store which also has a store location at 315 W Cordova Street in Gastown. Check it out, trust me you'll love it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clarisky Piece of the Week - Fringe Crop Top

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.. Happy Birthday Victoria!

The best thing about a long weekend, besides the long weekend part, has got to be the short work week, especially since Clarisky Piece of the Week Wednesday came uber fast this week.

Today's Clarisky Piece taps into my inner rocker chick and sure ain't stingey on the fringe-y....

The Fringe Crop Top 

I thought it was about time I did a fringed tank. Since fringe and tassels alike have been popping up on everything from shorts to clutches, I really thought it was time I added this cloth movement to my wardrobe.  
Perfect to wear with a pair of ripped jeans, or cut off shorts, it has become my new go-to piece!

What are your thoughts on the Clarisky Fringe Crop Top? Are you rockin' the fringe yet, or do you think this trend is on the 'fringe'?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

Every once in a while I get to take a little break from my crazy busy shedule and enjoy some of the cuter things in life.  This weekend I went up to the Okanagan to celebrate a wedding. It was the first time in a long time I got to just sit back and take in the festivities.

 I got some really cute pictures that I wanted to share with you..... enjoy <3

I hope you too remember to take some time out of your busy schedule to just enjoy life! <3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Product of the Week - CompUShade

I hope you are having a fabulous long weekend doing whatever your little fashion hearts desire... I'm taking a much needed break up in the Okanagan for the weekend... Thank god for 'almost' summer.

Speaking of summer-ish weather, last week I had quite the dilemma of trying to pull myself indoors to catch up on my blogging... with the sun beaming all I wanted to do was sit outside!.  Unfortuntely, we all know that it is impossible to do anything on the computer outdoors, unless you want to increase your winkle count by 1000 from all the squinting.  So I did some searching for all my fellow fashion blogger friends and found the least geeky un-stylish solution I could find......

The CompUShade

It folds right up, provides a little hat for your computer, allows you to work outside on your lappy toppy, and lets you relax your face to keep wrinkles to a minimum.  You can purchase the CompUshade online here

No it's not the most chic laptop accessory, but here are some of the alternatives.......

image source

or just curl up with a big umbrella like this guy... not a bad idea I guess.

Got any wacky ideas of how to work on your computer outside? I'd love to see them! You can post them to

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mary Katrantzou Hudson's Bay Event

Last week was a very event-ful week, one in which I had the pleasure of attending some very reputable events. While I was blown away by Jason Matlo's Bridal show earlier in the week, the event that had me bouncing with excitement and losing sleep trying to decide what to wear, was the Mary Katrantzou event hosted by the Hudson's Bay Company.

You may have seen the Design Inspiration post I did on Mary Katrantzou here a couple of months ago.  As soon as I saw her first collection I immediately fell in love. A fellow print worshiper myself, her use and manipulation of digital prints just blows me away!

Whats that?....Your eyes have never been blessed by the vision of Mary's print masterpieces?... well then put on your stimulation goggles because you are about to be visually aroused.

printed leather.... to die for!

I so badly wanted this dress.. I had to be physically held back from trying it on because I knew that if I even got half my body into that dress I would have been sailing straight to the sales counter. Unfortunately I really enjoy affording to eat, and it just wasn't my night. 

Now I may or may not have (unsuccessfully) waited in a vey long line for the slightest possibility of maybe getting to see her fall 2012 runway show when I was at London Fashion Week last February, but here I am, in all my glory, chatting with the outstanding designer herself.

And I wasn't the only one who was start struck that night...

Once again The Hudson's Bay Company threw a glamorous night of fashion awe. Thanks to Mary Katrantzou, Kiran Khaira, and The Room, I have had the most amazing colourful, fashion fantasy dreams for the past week . 

Lastly I leave you with this picture of Mary Katrantzou with some of her team and supporters all wearing the designer's creations. 

Wouldn't it be the most beautiful and colourful world if we could all just wear a little piece of Mary Katrantzou? What's your favourite piece from Mary's fall 2012 collection?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Collection Feature - Jason Matlo Bridal 2012

Once again we take a look at Vancouver designer Jason Matlo in today's Collection Feature post.  Last time I shared my thoughts on Jason's cocktail dress line, Babe, but today I bring you some of Matlo's designs in a much more formal setting.. Jason Matlo Bridal 2012.

I must say that lately I have had the pleasure of attending some amazing events and shows, but Jason Matlo's The Art of Romance Bridal 2012 collection has definitely topped the list.  

It was held at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel Georgia in their Spanish Ballroom..  of course when I say "Ballroom" you think of a room that is exquisite and royal, and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

Once the show began I was whisked away to a land of fairy tale brides and romance, and for 20 minutes I was perfectly content snapping photos of the immaculately dressed models complete with a massive smile on my face.  Take a look at the amazing gowns...

This dress was my absolute favourite.... It is so sweet,simple and chic, I got butterflies when it walked the runway.  I swear when I saw this dress I did a mental scan of all the eligible men in my life in order to calculate the soonest possible date I could wear it... turns out I'm single for a reason..... 
From the dresses, to the Tiffany & Co. jewelry giveaway, to the flowers, to the macaroons, it was all about the finest details at the Art of Romance show, and Jason and his team thought of it all...

From top to bottom Jason Matlo's Bridal 2012 Collection was exquisite, the craftsmanship was impeccable and the dresses are to die for.  It was an honour to attend this event, and any lady would be lucky to wear one of Jason's gowns on their big day.

What do you think? Have you caught your breath yet? Tell me, tell me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Product of the Week - Color Bug by Kevin Murphy

First off I wanna wish all the fashionable Mamma's out there a very Happy Mothers Day.  We all know the young fashionistas must have had to get there fashion sense from somewhere....

Now if you are one of those last minuters searcing for a rockin' Mother's Day gift, this week's product might just save your fashionably late behind...

The Color Bug by Kevin Murphy


Once again the amazing hair phenom Shawna at Filomena Salon Spa, let me in on this fun hair tip.  Kevin Murphy came up with this great concept of makeup for your hair!  These "color bugs" bring some cool colors to your fringe temporarily, and are super easy to slap on, and just as easy to take off.

I got myself a pink one and I love how it works

All you do is run a strand of hair through the Color Bug and the color is applied to your hair. I was worried that It wouldn't work for me as my hair is quite dark, but I was happily surprised at the result. The pink shows up as a more natural purple colour in my hair but it definitely still works.  It works even better on lighter coloured hair.

You can even try using all three colours (purple, pink, orange) to create a multi-coloured ombre effect!

Just a word of caution the colour may transfer onto your hands and clothing when you apply it so I suggest wrapping a towel around your shoulders when you use the color bug.  If some color does get on to your clothes all you gotta do is give it a quick wash and it will come right out.

What do you think of the color bug? What color do you want to give a try? I think it's one bug I'll let stick around