Sunday, April 22, 2012

Product of the Week - Car Lashes

It is my job to keep my readers all glammed and informed with the latest revolutionary products every Sunday, but to be a true fashionista  everything around you must also be glamorous and fabulous.....duh.

That is why today I bring you something that will really take your glam level to new heights.....

Car Lashes
That's right... eyelashes for your car!  Here we are always making sure that our eye fringe is as long, dark, and magical as it can be, but do we ever stop to attend to our car lashes? Well we obviously should be.. and now it's easy-peasy to make our car peepers sparkle and shine.

and let's not forget about the glitter eyeliner..

I think these are quite adorable. I love how they look on the round headlights.. a complete set of lashes and crystal eyeliner is $46.98 and they can be purchased here.  A pretty reasonable price considering your car will be the envy of the car park, making all the other cars jealous!!  You can also get them in pink, chrome, and frosted tip.

Remember a true fashionista is glamorous in every way, so get primping that beater of yours!  :)

What do you think,  will your car be the new hottest thing on the streets?

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