Sunday, April 15, 2012

Product of the Week- Bejeweled Aviators

I hope everyone enjoyed the almost summer-ish sunny weekend we had here in Vancouver.. we finally received the warm touch of Mr.Sun and reached double digits on the the thermometer!  woot woot. Bring on summer.....

Vancouverites have a funny habit of catapulting head first into summer trends at the first sign of sun.  I believe it is due to the fact that we have 9 months of gloom, so the second we have to partly squint our eyes because the sky has cast aside it's clouds and allowed for some sun we go running for the short shorts, bathing suits, and crop tops! .. not gonna lie I am right on board the train wreck to faux summer, but I have learned to tone it down a couple notches  i.e. my bathing suite collection is locked away until June :(

But one summer essential that I allowed myself to hunt for this weekend is sunglasses.. I broke the arms on my favourite Christian Dior aviators, and I was looking for a replacement when I came across this week's Product of the Week......

Bejeweled Aviators

photo: Gasoline Glamour
photo: Gasoline Glamour
Perfect for reducing glare while driving.......... ;)
photo: Gasoline Glamour
Always wanted your eyes to sparkle?.. well here ya go!!

So awesome.  The best part is you even get to customize them with your choice of different charms and jewels! The company is called Gasoline Glamour and you have to check it out here

I have the misfortune of having a peanut sized head and the necessity for prescription sunglasses, but at $30.00 a pair (for the charm + few jewels pair) this is totally worth it!

Not only do they have blingin sunglasses, take a look at these shoes!!... AMAZE.
photo: Gasoline Glamour       
I suggest you thoroughly peruse the Gasoline Glamour site, because you will be amazed at the flash they have to offer!

What do you think?  Will I soon be seeing eyes sparkling all over the streets?

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