Sunday, April 29, 2012

Product of the Week - Coach Fashion Blogger Tote

The more events that I attend, the more I realize that I do not have one purse/bag/clutch that fits all of my fashion-blogging/event-attending needs.....

....until I discovered this week's Product I thought that no such thing existed, but how wrong I was!

This week I share with you the amazing blogger tote designed by COACH in collaboration with fashion blogger, Emily Johnston of Fashion Foie Gras.

This tote is designed with the fashion blogger in mind.. it features a compartment sized perfectly to fit a professional SLR camera, and an additional compartment to fit a pair of flats.  

It also has special sleeves for your phone, makeup, and other miscellaneous items...

My favorite part is the removable i-pad case that zips in and out, not to mention the generous size of the bag perfect to fit whatever else you may be trucking from event to event (i.e. power bars and pop chips.... just saying) Now only if it had an instant espresso machine built into it..

What do you think about the Fashion Foie Gras Coach Tote? Is it the answer to all your blogger bag problems? 

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Major Clarisky Announcement

I know I know the Clarisky blog has been posting off the hook! I've posted 3 out of the four days so far this week which is unheard of, but today warrants a special announcement post.

I have some BIG BIG news to smack down on you today so listen up........are you ready?.....

Clarisky Business Designs are now being sold at........

I first started this whole clarisky business in the hopes that I could bring unique, cute, sexy, classy, and risky clothes to girls like me who are looking for something different. This is why I couldn't be happier to have such a unique and avant garde boutique foster my lovely cloth babies until their rightful new mothers come to take them that you?

These are some of the select pieces that are available now at Jennyfleur Loves
The Relaxi Maxi
The Sheer Delight Skirt 
The Go with the Flow-y Maxi
 So go and check out Jennyfleur Loves at 1058 Mainland Street in Yaletown, Vancouver, visit the clarisky creations, try them on, have some fun, and peruse the amazing fashion treasure trove that is Jennyfleur Loves.  I promise that you won't be disappointed.

To get an idea of what Jennyfleur Loves has to offer check out their blog and facebook page.

On a final note, thank you x 1 million for all of your support, none of this could have ever happened without you my blog readers  :)

photo credit: Viranlly Liemena

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clarisky Piece of the Week - Go with the Flow-y Maxi

It's Wednesday, the day you have all been waiting for...... Clarisky Piece of the Week day...obvs!

This week's post gets a serious high-fashion makeover with photos taken by the overly talented Viranlly Liemena, and make-up and hair done by the gorgeous Blake Moldenhauer.

This dress is pretty amazing on it's own, but Viranlly really brings it to life with his photo vision.

Please introduce yourself to the... 
Go with the Flow-y Maxi


I have truly fallen in love with this cloth baby. It has so many options as well; belted, not belted, short in the front and long in the back, or all over layer craziness.

This is definitely my new favourite and it probably should be yours too!

What do you think? tell me, tell me, tell me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Re-cap - Clarisky Photo Shoot sneak peek

This weekend was bit more chill on the fashion front, but no less eventful! 

Saturday I spent the day at the Vancouver Re-Fashion sale, giving some of my clothes loving new homes.  The event had a great turn out, was really well organized, and I met some amazing people. I definitely recommend  being apart of the sale next time around.  Then on Sunday I scampered around Gastown shooting Clarisky pieces!! oh so fun.  Here is a little instagram sneak peek for ya.  
ps. if you're not following me on Instagram you probably should 'clariskybiz'



and one from the sale.....

Thanks again to my dream team Josh, Blake, and Viranlly for their work on the clarisky shoot.  Also Thanks to May for donating the jewelry from Stella & Dot.

What do you think of the sneak peek? excited to see the rest of the photos?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Product of the Week - Car Lashes

It is my job to keep my readers all glammed and informed with the latest revolutionary products every Sunday, but to be a true fashionista  everything around you must also be glamorous and fabulous.....duh.

That is why today I bring you something that will really take your glam level to new heights.....

Car Lashes
That's right... eyelashes for your car!  Here we are always making sure that our eye fringe is as long, dark, and magical as it can be, but do we ever stop to attend to our car lashes? Well we obviously should be.. and now it's easy-peasy to make our car peepers sparkle and shine.

and let's not forget about the glitter eyeliner..

I think these are quite adorable. I love how they look on the round headlights.. a complete set of lashes and crystal eyeliner is $46.98 and they can be purchased here.  A pretty reasonable price considering your car will be the envy of the car park, making all the other cars jealous!!  You can also get them in pink, chrome, and frosted tip.

Remember a true fashionista is glamorous in every way, so get primping that beater of yours!  :)

What do you think,  will your car be the new hottest thing on the streets?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Clarisky Piece of the Week - Spotted Peplum Dress

I know I'm a little late with the Clarisky Piece of the Week, but better late than never, right?....

Today I show you what I created to wear for Eco Fashion Week.  In the spirit of eco-fashion I decided to re-purpose one of the fun dresses I found on my vintage hunt in London to create......

The Spotted Peplum dress

photo: Peter Jensen
The dress originally looked like this.

It actually wasn't all that bad except for the extreme length and the interesting shoulder boat neck.  I took the top part off to create the peplum around the waist, shortened the hem, took in the sides, and voila!!  

Do you likey?  I've bought a years pass for the polka dot and peplum train, how about you? Are you on board to retro town?

PS. do you have plans this week?  Check out Re-Fashion Vancouver on Saturday, I'll be there selling some great pieces for cheapy-cheap!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eco Fashion Week - Runway Rundown

As most of you know, last week I was a guest at Eco Fashion Week where I got to enjoy 2 solid nights of wonderfully crafted eco fashions.  I had seen some of the local designers' collections beforehand because I used them for the EFW x Clarisky photo shoot, but I was excited to see what the out of town designers had in store.

Each designer really brought their game and showed the crowd how truly amazing eco designs can be.  Using hand dyed leather, re-purposed material, recycled products, and eco-conscious production methods, the designers brought forth their game and presented some very unique designs.

Take a look below at this picture summary of what really sparked my interest at EFW.

Eason Wang 
Eason Wang
Las Isla
La Isla
Standing Armed
Five Left (bags)
Five Left (bags)
LRMA x London Alexander

With Diana Svensk of SVENSK.  The cutest Swedish Designer EVER
The Pointy Toe Shoe Crew and Tyler Snaden Rockin' SVENSK toques
Hope you liked my Eco Fashion Week runway photo collection.  If you didn't get a chance to check out EFW be sure to check it out next season!

That's all for today my fashion loves.

Did you see anything you on the EFW runway that you loved?  Tell me all about it below.