Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2012 - Day 6

Well it saddens me to say it but today I bring you the sixth and final day of the Vancouver Fashion Week fun.  I am relieved that I can finally attempt to resume my regular sleeping pattern, but sad that I no longer get to spend every day wearing glamorous clothes and hanging with the fashion gang. 

The last day of runway shows was no disappointment, each designer really gave it their all to make the finale day an impressive fashion bonanza



RG Sanchez

Angelina Park

Eva Chen

As you can see from the collections above, and the entire week's Runway Rundown posts, Vancouver Fashion Week really stepped up their game.

And it wouldn't be a Runway Rundown without some pictures of the peeps off the runway... take a looky loo

Can't forget the amazing shoes

An honour to meet the Board of Directors of VFW. 
pic courtesy of Kuna Photography

Being interviewed by the always lovely Naja.  if you want to take take a peek at what I had to say about my designs and VFW you can find the interview here at  scroll to 2:55:40

So a week of cute smiles finally got to me and I started to bring out the clarisky poses...way more fun!!

courtesy of Stan Lau

pic courtesy of Peter Jensen

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend......Make sure to come back tomorrow I have an amazing giveaway from a very talented designer who did their thang last week at VFW!!!

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