Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shoe Frenzy

I have never really been a shoe fanatic. I have always been about the one staple shoe that goes with everything, but as my closet increases in variety I have had to make some shoe adjustments. The black pump is no longer satisfying my fashion needs and that is why my New Year's resolution was to invest in more shoes!  I know, I know what a great resolution.

Today I thought I would treat you to a little glimpse of my new shoe line up.

The Sam Edelman pumps on the end are my newest edition to my shoe family.  I bought them online from Nasty Gal and was so "pumped" when they were the last size 6 on sale!!  

I am just waiting for the right moment to break out these multi-coloured platforms.  They are so fun and retro.  Sometimes I break them out and just stare in awe.

My clothes have become slightly jealous of these Mary-Janes, because they are constantly stealing the attention.  They aren't particularly unusual, but I immediately fell in love with them in a thrift store in London. 4 pounds such a steal!

Although I haven't worn these yet, I know when I do they will be a hit.  Metallics are lighting up the runway this season, and I was thrilled when I found these at a vintage shop in London for 6 pounds.

Can't wait to see what other shoes will join my shoe family.  I'd love to see pics of your shoe babies.
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