Sunday, March 18, 2012

Product of the Week - Skate Moss

I'm a little late on this Sunday evening to post the Product of the Week, but better late than never! Especially when it comes to shoes.

In keeping with the shoe theme this week I thought I would post a very unique shoe design.

Were you ever afraid to going to go on those ice skating field trips with your classmates? I bet it was because you were afraid of looking un-stylish with those fleece pants, and bright colored helmets and had nothing to do with your ability to skate.

Well check out these ice skating heels by DSQUARED2 called SKATE MOSS, ice skates are no longer un-stylish.  So much so that people want to where them even when they are not gliding on a sheet of ice.

If only you could actually skate in these fashion wonders, then childhood nightmares could all be abolished!

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