Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fashion Weekend Recap - Walt Street Fashion Competition

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Walt Street, a fun fashion competition hosted by the Art Institute of Vancouver.
It was a creative design competition that challenged up-and-coming designers to create garments that combined favourite Disney characters with current pop culture icons.  Contestants were encouraged to be creative and use unsuspected materials and methods of construction since this was a no-sew competition.

I did not envy the designers, because they sure had their work cut out for them, but I was blown away by some of the creations

These are a couple of my favourites....

Snow White meets Nicky Minaj made by Yan Yan was a real crowd-pleaser.  The close-up shows the amazing paper origami construction

Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations meets Lady Gaga made by Trina Cairns & Danielle Yanay had a real dark futuristic feel.  Loved the large dalmation collar. I could definitely see Lady Gaga rocking this look.
Vinyl Retro Lounge and it's light box dance floor gave a vibrant jolt to the traditional white runway.  

Lady Gaga's shoes were pretty amazing

Minnie Mouse meets Ke$ha made by Amy Schilbe & Elizabeth Eburne, was my favourite.  The model looked so cute inn the sparkly  suspender shorts.  Might have to whip myself up a pair!!

In addition to the amazing disney/pop fashion fun the event itself was so professionally organized.  We were greeted by friendly faces and given swag bags full of all things amazing: Pop Chips, Social Experiment rings, Dear Faithful rings, and Type B earrings.  Nothing better than snacks and surprise jewelry!

If you missed the event this year I strongly suggest you check it out next year.  Keep your eye on my events page!!

And of course we can't forget a fun pic of the attendees.

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