Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion Weekend Recap - Blogger Sale/ St. Paddy's

This weekend was a little less fashion filled than the previous, but still no less fun.

On Saturday I went down to the Fashion Blogger sale at the Waldorf Hotel.  I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I was super impressed when I got there.

Fashion bloggers had racks set up of their lightly worn, super stylish clothing for bargain prices. What could be better?  They also had the Tiki Bar in action with some pumping tunes. I didn't purchase anything because my wallet is still recovering from the London spending adventure, but I did have to seriously hold myself back.  Koodos to all the bloggers for putting on a great event.

Here is a picture of me with Carolina Gonzalez from Nina on the Moon

As you can see I started sporting the green wear early on in the day.

And since anyone who knows me knows that I am a die hard for dressing the part, here are a couple pictures of my St. Patrick's day night outfit with my ladies!

Can't forget to include the nails in the festivities.

Hope everyone is ready for the whirlwind of events that kicks off tonight for Vancouver Fashion Week... it's going to be cray cray.  Stay tuned to my twitter @ClariskyBiz and facebook page for updates on the action!!


Unknown said...

Hey Clarissa!It was nice to meet you on Saturday :) Thanks for the shout out! Following you now, hope we can link up soon for coffee!XO

Clarissa said...

sorry little late on the draw on this one. Nice to meet you too. For sure, give me a shout anytime!