Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When in London - Day 5

With London Fashion Week ending on the fifth day that I was in London, I decided to check out the countryside.  I took an hour and a half train ride to a quaint little town called Canterbury.  Here are some pics of me wearing some of my new vintage purchases.

To me nothing screams London more than this plaid poncho.  The colors are so vibrant and the collar just makes it pop.   I am in love with my new outerwear purchase especially since upon my arrival back into Vancouver I was reassured that it is definitely still winter here! I was blindsighted by the 15 degree sunny weather in London.

I also can't forget my new men's leather vintage satchel, which I've been sporting as an oversized clutch,

...and these brown boots. I know I don't need another pair, but they do this "stay wide" thing from the ankle up which I really love, so I had to buy them!

That's all for now.. boy do I miss London.  What do you think of my purchases?

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