Sunday, February 05, 2012

Product of the Week - Shoe Condoms

Yes it seems by the title of this blog that I'm all about the "privates" lately but it's not what you think I promise.

Thanks to an old friend and new blog follower I came across this doozy of a product. They are condoms for your shoes!!  not only do they protect your heels from un-stylish shoe infections.. they can spice up your boring heels in a number of cla-risky ways.


Since one of my New Years resolutions was to buy more fun shoes, this may be a nice compromise between my wallet and my fashion sense. You can purchase these shoe accessories here and they range form $20 - $40.  They also have a cool video on youtube that shows you all the different ways you can wear the ribbon type.

They even have "panty" style ones which can fit all different types and sizes of heels.


Whether you fancy the panties or condoms they are a whole lot of fun!

Interested? let me know if you try them out, I'd love to see some pics!

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