Sunday, February 12, 2012

Product of the Week - Reduce High-Heel Pain

This week, to continue with my "buy more shoes" resolution, I turn the focus to my little piggies..... my feet.

I, more than anyone, love the look of a ridiculously high heel, but unfortunately I am not gifted with perfectly aligned limbs and I suffer from pain on the balls of my feet after a serious dance break-down in a high pair of heels.

Since I am pushing myself to raise the height on my kitten heels, I decided to see what kind of products I could find to help with the pain issue.

After an extensive search through the foot section at superstore I found these metatorsal pads.

They are gel pads you wear in your shoes, with a toe ring to secure them on the balls of your feet.  They provide the perfect amount of cushion without  being too bulky in you heel.

I tested these bad boys out on  a serious girls dance breakdown night.  I wore them in my heels all night and was pleasantly surprised in the reduction of pain I experienced.

I totally recommend these to anyone who experiences pain on the balls of their feet while wearing stilts heels.  But remember when it comes to fahsion.... No pain, No gain!

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