Monday, February 27, 2012

London Fashion Week - Day 4 street-style

Oh the dreaded Monday, end of the weekend and beginning of the the way less fun work wardrobe!
But no one is as bummed as me this Monday being back from London Fashion Week and having to tackle work head on... so lame.

To cheer up myself, and everyone else, on this dreaded Monday I thought I would share a little more fun fashion street-style from Day 4 of London Fashion Week.

This time the line between the looks I loved and the "others" is a bit fuzzier. Take a look....

Yes those are toy cars glued to her booties.  Seems like a DIY project,
but no no there is actually a service that does this for you.  If you are
 interested comment below and I will search for the business card.

The attention this hoola belt received was incredible.

So.... did it work? are you smiling a bit more on this Monday afternoon. Which looks do you think I loved?  Which looks do you love? 

See you soon.


Something Pretty said...

I like that last one! that dress is so cute!

Clarissa said...

I know that is definitely one of my favs!