Thursday, February 23, 2012

London Fashion Week - Day 2 Vintage Hunt

On Monday I unfortunately didn't have any invitations to shows, so I used the day to explore London.  I wanted to check out the vintage shopping district of London around Brick Lane, and boy did I get more than I expected.... figuratively and literally.  Let's just say my luggage gained a bit more weight.

I was bummed this picture came out blurry but I was trying on an awesome shag leather vest

Beyond Vintage doesn't look like much from the outside, but once I stepped inside I was amazed by the multitude of treasures that I found.. can't wait to show you pics of my new outfits.

I also found a glam vintage Lilli Ann fur coat at House of Vintage. Marcia, a fellow Canadian runs the shop and we had a great time trying on fun clothes.

Wearing: New Lily Ann coat, vintage men's satchel, vintage lace-up mary janes, dress won from My Petite Four


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Anonymous said...

That jacket is awesome. Looks like youre having fun, i'm practicing on having fun too.