Thursday, February 09, 2012

Design Inspiration - Mary Katrantzou

I know I know.. I skipped out on the Clarisky Piece of the Week this week, I am just as bummed as you are. But instead to make it up to you I wanted to share some of my inspiration.

Mary Katrantzou

I am so in love with this designer because she produces garments that are so original and unique. Her use of digital prints to frame the woman's body is spectacular and leaves me utterly breathless.

Two of her collections particular stand out to me, the first collection is from her runway debut for F2009RTW. Katrantzou uses simplified images of perfume bottles to create wonderful silhouettes on the models' bodies.


The use of color is also stunning, I wish everyday that I could wear one of these pieces.

The second collection that I am absolutely head over Miu Miu pumps for is her S2011RTW collection.
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G absolutely radiant!  In this collection she uses digital prints of different interior spaces and portrays them in a 3D effect on the clothes.


I love how she uses billowing fabrics to create the effect of curtains and chandelier necklaces.. again amazing so in love!!

Now if you are an avid GG worshiper you may have seen good 'ole Serena sporting a Katrantzou at Blair's wedding shower...

I almost wish this dress didn't make it to the flat screen so I could keep it as my little secret.. but alas fashion is meant to be shared and inspire...... so be inspired!!!

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