Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When in London - Day 5

With London Fashion Week ending on the fifth day that I was in London, I decided to check out the countryside.  I took an hour and a half train ride to a quaint little town called Canterbury.  Here are some pics of me wearing some of my new vintage purchases.

To me nothing screams London more than this plaid poncho.  The colors are so vibrant and the collar just makes it pop.   I am in love with my new outerwear purchase especially since upon my arrival back into Vancouver I was reassured that it is definitely still winter here! I was blindsighted by the 15 degree sunny weather in London.

I also can't forget my new men's leather vintage satchel, which I've been sporting as an oversized clutch,

...and these brown boots. I know I don't need another pair, but they do this "stay wide" thing from the ankle up which I really love, so I had to buy them!

That's all for now.. boy do I miss London.  What do you think of my purchases?

Monday, February 27, 2012

London Fashion Week - Day 4 street-style

Oh the dreaded Monday, end of the weekend and beginning of the the way less fun work wardrobe!
But no one is as bummed as me this Monday being back from London Fashion Week and having to tackle work head on... so lame.

To cheer up myself, and everyone else, on this dreaded Monday I thought I would share a little more fun fashion street-style from Day 4 of London Fashion Week.

This time the line between the looks I loved and the "others" is a bit fuzzier. Take a look....

Yes those are toy cars glued to her booties.  Seems like a DIY project,
but no no there is actually a service that does this for you.  If you are
 interested comment below and I will search for the business card.

The attention this hoola belt received was incredible.

So.... did it work? are you smiling a bit more on this Monday afternoon. Which looks do you think I loved?  Which looks do you love? 

See you soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

London Fashion Week - Day 3 show sneak peek

My time in London/fashion heaven has almost come to an end, and I am too sad to even think about it.  The only thing that keeps my spirits high are the many many days to come that I will be able to keep the London Fashion Week spirit alive with my new purchases.

But for now I we will forget this nonsense about leaving this magical land of runway lights and all things fashionable with a little recap of my Day 3 at Fashion Week

I wanted to give you an inside look at the Somerset House venue with this shot.. so surreal when you're sitting in here watching live.

One of my favourite looks at the Holly Fulton Show

spotted a Clarisky back at the Ashish show!

loved the details that were all over the pieces at the David Koma show

And now here's a little taste of what I wore to the shows.

Wearing: vintage shoes, Next pants and belt, Sugarlips top, Pilgrim necklace, Ole Jewelry Designs ring, vintage bracelet, gifted earrings, Violent Lips.

They were giving free trials of the Paperself eyelashes, so of course I was all over that like sequins in the 80s. So cool I am in love with these they look killer with the Violent Lips, they sell them at Sephora, or you can buy them online.  Check out all the different styles here.  You can't buy the lace ones that I'm wearing yet, but they will be in stores soon

Hope everyone at home is doing well.  I will be home soon enough :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

London Fashion Week - Day 2 Vintage Hunt

On Monday I unfortunately didn't have any invitations to shows, so I used the day to explore London.  I wanted to check out the vintage shopping district of London around Brick Lane, and boy did I get more than I expected.... figuratively and literally.  Let's just say my luggage gained a bit more weight.

I was bummed this picture came out blurry but I was trying on an awesome shag leather vest

Beyond Vintage doesn't look like much from the outside, but once I stepped inside I was amazed by the multitude of treasures that I found.. can't wait to show you pics of my new outfits.

I also found a glam vintage Lilli Ann fur coat at House of Vintage. Marcia, a fellow Canadian runs the shop and we had a great time trying on fun clothes.

Wearing: New Lily Ann coat, vintage men's satchel, vintage lace-up mary janes, dress won from My Petite Four


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London Fashion Week Street style - Day 1

I haven't posted as often as I would of liked, but with London Fashion week winding down I thought I would share with you some photos I snapped outside the shows.  I am sure most of you are following the runway shows on the live stream, so I wanted to give you a little taste of what you probably haven't seen like some of the crazy things show attendees were wearing.

Take a look at some of the styles I loved and some that maybe I just didn't quite um... understand?

Looks I loved

I mostly just liked how he had an extra
 furry hat.. just in case .

tons of tangerine popping out

spotted: Versace x H&M crystal panther choker

Looks that Speak for Themselves

The great thing about fashion is that you can be as creative or daring as you wish.  You can choose to show the world your personality, or create a whole new one.  While others may not understand your look it is always making some sort of statement.  Nothing says the above like the following.....