Sunday, January 15, 2012

Product of the Week

Today's Product of the Week is a result of my first special request...

Clarisky Business,

I got some kick-ass lip colours and stains for Christmas, but my lips are so flaky and dry from this cold weather they just look like...poop when I put them on my lips.  Please help! I need a lip scrub of some sort, do you know of where I could get a good one?


Well AW I do know of one off the top of my head that works great, thanks to my mom's makeup drawer, but I also did a little bit of research for ya......

The one that came to my mind straight away was the Satin Lips Lip Mask from Mary Kay. I steal a dab of it once a month from my mom.

"Satin Lips Mask contains miniature buffing beads that gently exfoliate dead surface skin cells that cause lips to appear dull and lifeless."

This product is $15 and works very well. If you don't know a Mary Kay consultant you can also buy it online at 

However, if you want to avoid being a Mary Kay consultant's new best best friend and a million emails a day you can try 

Fresh Brown Sugar Lip Polish at Sephora
"This unique formula is enriched with real brown sugar crystals to gently buff away dry flakes."

I tried a little bit and it seemed to work well, you don't need any water or anything you can just rub it on your lips, and it is made mostly of brown sugar which is pretty sweet! heh heh.  This product is $22.50 and literally looks like a bit of brown sugar and water.....

which led me to think why not make my own lip scrub!

I liked the idea of using sugar as the course granulars and saw a recipe that used sugar and water... boring!  So I decided to resort to my secret beauty product that is the answer to all my beauty dilemmas... Coconut Oil.  I found a recipe that used coconut oil and sea salt but I thought that the salt would just dry out my lips so instead I created this recipe....... get ready it's crazy...

1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil
1 teaspoon of brown sugar.


Mix it all together and apply it in a circular motion immediately, or put it in the fridge to harden a bit.  Coconut Oil will have more of a solid form at room temperature and will turn into a liquid as you cook with it, or if you leave it out in a warm room. It has amazing moisturizing properties and is super good for you.  I bought this small jar at Home Sense for $8 but I have also seen it at Superstore and health food stores. 
Once you take it out of the fridge it will be quite solid. Take a chunk and smooth it over your lips, it will warm up and dissolve on your lips.. and it tastes amazing!!!!

So there you AW  three options for silky smooth lips. I personally like my creation cuz it tastes great, is oh naturale, and super easy to make.

Now your smoochers are ready for some Violent Lips !!

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