Sunday, January 08, 2012

Product of the Week

Although my hunt for a blow your mind Product of the Week amongst the rolling green fields and pots of gold abroad didn't quite turn out as planned, I did acquire an interesting piece from someone special during my travels.

I am not one to ask for anything specific for Christmas, I much prefer to have a sincere disgusted face when I open gifts from the grandparents be surprised,  but I did give instructions to one who was a little stumped on what to get me.
 My instructions were as follows:

I want a giant scarf.... I mean GIANT!!"
My instructions were also accompanied by this picture:

I was told I was not allowed to have a scarf of this nature, because my peanut head would get lost among the sea of knit.  I said that I would settle for something similar.

To my delight I was surprised with this strange sweater/scarf from ASOS

photo from

As you can probably tell  by now I'm all about the weird and wonderful, and this is just one of those things! It is perfect for those medium winter days when you want to wear that cute short sleeved top, but would like to prevent the blood from freezing in your arms.

I wore this scarf pretty much every day in the old country.  P.S. I now know that Old Country is synonymous with "no heat anywhere"

I also love that it doubles as a more conventional scarf for the not so daring!

Hope you enjoyed the sweater scarf bonanza.  Join me Wednesday for a new Clarisky Piece of the Week.

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