Sunday, January 01, 2012

Product of the Week


I hope everyone had a fashion knock-out evening last night, dressed in all the finest sparkle.  I would love to see some new years outfits, post them here on my facebook page.  Can't wait to show you mine on Wednesday for the Clarisky Piece of the Week.

My time in Ireland is coming to an end and I promised to show you a kick ass Product of the Week from Ireland.  Unfortunately I haven't yet found the amazing blow-your-mind product that I was hoping, but yesterday I found a close second.

The girls in Ireland take their self tanning seriously.  For a country that is seriously cold and windy in the winter, there are copious amounts of orange bronzed faces walking around Dublin.  Not to say that there aren't a number of these synthetic sun lovers strutting the streets of Vancouver, so for those I bring you this product to keep your bed sheets fresh and so clean clean.

Introducing the Fake Tan Bag...

It is a breathable cotton sleeping bag that you sleep in after you have applied your self tanning lotion.

pics from

Brilliant right?  Well for those who maybe don't share the same feelings, I'll keep my eyes peeled for something even more kick-ass.  I do have to say that the shopping here is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I wish everyone a very happy and fashionable 2012.

See you Wednesday.

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