Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Piece of the Week - Animal Zest Vest

For this week's Clarisky Piece of the Week I decided to channel my inner cowgirl on a safari... ya I know unconventional but you'll understand when you take a look below at the

Animal Zest Vest

As you know I love me some animal print... safari animals in particular, and after watching some season 3 Gossip Girl with Blake Lively sporting different vests every scene, I got the inspiration for this feisty number.  Also I found a lovely animal printed nightgown at Value Village that was looking so lonely on the racks of discarded clothes ...we'll call it vintage .... and it was just calling my name, so I had to give it a home on the inside of this vest. 

Paired with my new Ted Baker knee high tan boots that I got in Ireland, I am all ready for my African Safari! .. now where to find one of those hats... :) 

Hope you like!

See you Sunday for the Product of the Week.... if you got anything you think is worth a look let me know... It's looking like I may have to go into my product reserve... and let me just tell you they get a little crazy....

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