Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clarisky Piece of the Week

The Piece of the Week today is an oldie but a goody!  It is one of the first pieces I ever made, and has definitely had the most compliments.

The most worn, dear to my heart, and the beginning of Clarisky Business........

The "Oh so Pleat" skirt 

I love this skirt so much, but only recently realized the dark history behind my love of the pleat........

My high school days....ugh! 

Somehow I am sporting the pleats again, even though I burned my uniform the day I graduated, and vowed never to eat and sleep pleats again!

I guess this skirt is just too pleat sweet to pass up!! heh heh.

hope you enjoyed those embarrassing goodies...Stay fashionable Vancouver!  See you soon.

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