Friday, January 06, 2012

Clarisky Piece of the Week

I know I know I'm a couple days late with my Clarisky Piece of the Week post I apologize!!.. I was in transit from Ireland and then had some technical difficulties, but I'm back in action with the post you have all been waiting for!

This dress was my New Years Eve creation and is definitely the most elegant of my pieces...

The Sheer Delight 

The sheer maxi skirt was inspired by one of the outfits I saw at the Vancouver Fashion Showcase seen here.  The translucency puts the risky in Clarisky and shows just enough leg to keep the outfit looking sexy but still elegant.There is a mini second layer of the shear black fabric to keep all the lady goods hidden ;)
  The form fitting bodysuit shows off the right amount of curves and the fabric adds just a touch of sparkle (tough to see in photo).  The back, another clarisky signature design, is a new favourite, strappy and sleek!  

I'd love to hear what you think... are you daring enough to sport the sheer maxi?  Pin It

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Anonymous said...

Yes I am.