Monday, December 05, 2011

Runway Rundown - Vancouver Fashion Showcase Part 1

Alright since I hassled everyone's fb pages enough last week, I thought I would give your news feeds a rest this weekend.

However, I did promise to give you a rundown of the runway from the Fashion Showcase event that MW and I attended on Thursday, as well as some pics from the closing gala event on Sunday.

Let me start off by saying that this was a fabulously organized event it, and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to attend.  The evening was super glamourous, and it was wonderful to see local designers and boutiques being featured on the runway.  To top it off proceeds from the event went to  Dress for Success!

Now for the good stuff....

To start the evening off, Megan and I decided to do the rounds backstage, and check out how the male model department was looking.....

Lucky for us we found our favourite male model Jordan, no last name necessary (or shirt for that matter).  You may have seen his studly body featured in MW's blog post back in November.  Now if you have ever seen any pictures taken of Megan, you know that she almost always rocks the more stoic/person of importance look, but here we see a big shiny smile on her face....wonder why!! Of course I was jealous MW got to take the picture with him, but I got the better view!

After we recovered from our male model coma, we settled into our seats for the runway show... here are some of my favourite looks from the show

love love love the neck line on this party dress from Holly Boutique.

This sheer maxi skirt from JennyFleur Loves may have just been my inspiration for a killer New Years Eve dress... stay tuned to see what I come up with. 
Also Love the embellished headband!

One of the Art Institute students really impressed me with this structured number.  I think the contrast of solid colours and patterns really works.

After all of the fashion fun, we took a rest on the giant pop chip bags... kinda want one in my house!

 All in all it was a solid Thursday night filled with fashion, male models, and pop chips.... come back tomorrow for part two of  the rundown of the Fashion Showcase runway, where I will feature pictures from the closing gala on Sunday night.

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Anonymous said...

Once again I must express my sadness at being unable to attend the Opening Gala fashion show :( :( -MB