Sunday, December 25, 2011

Product of the Week

Merry Christmas my fashion friends!!!

I hope that the big guy spoiled you rotten this Christmas, and that you are somewhere warm and comfy taking in the holiday cheer.

This week I wanted to introduce you to a designer that produces warm, comfy and stylish  furs to wear for winter. The company is called Enchanted Designs, and they are a really cute husband and wife team from Surrey, BC, that sell fur vests and jackets... I know what you're thinking FUR???  yes it is real fur, but it is all made using recycled garments that they buy at auctions, thrift stores and private sales.  They feature "one of a kind refashioned vintage furs made into wearable art".

I bought myself a white fur vest for my birthday, which I absolutely love.

What I really like about their garments is that they are all very unique and come with hand painted designs on the inside so that they can be reversed.

Image from

Image from

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Check out more of their garments at, and if you see something you like just shoot them an email.

Once again Merry Christmas, and get to bed early tonight for some reckless Boxing Day shopping!!

Come back Wednesday to see some sparkle for the Clarisky Piece of the Week.

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