Sunday, December 18, 2011

Product of the Week

Since I'm jetting off to the the land of green, leprechauns, and the four leaf clover for the holidays, I decided to share with you a little packing secret for this week's Product of the Week.

Here is the dilemma:

Get the contents of this closet

Into this bag

Just kidding! Into these two bags

Not much better!!  However, with these shrink bags it is almost possible


They are called Space Bags and they look like normal zip lock bags, but unless you were looking to keep your clothes fresh and free from freezer burn, regular zip lock bags are't gonna cut it.

These bags have a zip lock closure on the top and a special seal on the bottom that lets air out, but not back in.  You do not need a vacuum, they are reusable, and they are easy peasy  to use.

Step 1: fill the bag.
Step 2: roll the bag starting from the zip lock end squeezing any access air out .
Step 3.... oh wait that's it.

 Now you have a shrink wrapped closet.... Awesome!

I picked these bad boys up at Ross (insert jingle here) when I was in the States for $4, but I have seen them at Winners and at the As Seen on TV store in the malls.

Hope this helps you in your holiday packing and ensures that you have the most fashionable trip, filled with all the clothing options possible!!

See you Wednesday for the Clarisky Piece of the Week.

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