Thursday, December 08, 2011

Product of the Week

Hello, Hello fashion lovers.

Today I bring you a special product blog post crafted just for you!  This product is going to blow your fashion brains and make your life a whole lot easier... In the spirit of keeping with the theme of "things that stick to your face," today I present you with ColorOn Professional Instant Eyeshadow... that's right  INSTANT.

These eye shadow appliques come in a variety of colors and patterns, and have a similar temporary tattoo idea...I  repeat similar! They are by no means a tattoo, but rather mineral makeup, pre-applied to an eye lid shaped applique that you simply press on to your lid ... Voila!


I LOVE these things. They totally saved my behind in Vegas.  Yes I am a sucker for easy makeup that sticks to your face, but truth is I am also terrible at applying eye shadow.... I just never got the hang of it. Now I can achieve that perfect smokey eye without having it look like I got punched in the know exactly what I mean.
They actually work surprisingly well, and I would definitely recommend them.

They come on these appliques and you can use them more than once. I am on my 3rd use with some of them and they still work great.  They include setting powder as well so once you have sort of smudged the color a bit and have touched it up to how you want it, you apply the setting powder and the color stays all night.

I bought these from the ColorOn Pro website, but it was definitely a hassle, and pricey to get them to Canada.  I am told that they sell them at Sephora, but I have not been able to confirm that.  So far buying them from the site is the only way, but I'm working on it.  If you are interested in this craziness, which you totally should be, message me and I may just be able to hook you up.

You can catch a bit of the eye action in this photo... as well as lip action!  Also this pic from a previous blog post shows some as well.

What do you think? Could you rock this eye phenomena?  Pin It

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Anonymous said...

I have seen these in action and I must let all the readers know that they work like a charm! xoMB