Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Piece of the Week - Sequin Edition

I've decided to amp up my blog posting and add to the Product of the Week feature that I usually do.  From now on Wednesdays I will feature a Clarisky Piece of the Week, and Sundays I will feature a Product of the Week...yay!!  That way you get to take a look into the world of Clarisky Business each week as well as be informed of what fun products I've found in the more larger fashion jungle.  And don't forget I will also post about any fun fashion events I attend, throughout the week.

So for the first official Clarisky Piece of the Week I've got a fun Holiday Budget Auction (see below for details) featuring......

The Sequin Flirt Skirt 

Since "sequins are soooo in right now"  I made a super flirty, flapper dress inspired, sequin skirt perfect for any holiday party!!  I made one for me of course, but then I thought, given it's Christmas time, why not make one for YOU too,  so I did!

Tomorrow Thursday December 15,2011, starting at 8:00a.m. Pacific Time I am going to auction off this skirt at a holiday budget price!  The bidding will start at 1cent and you may make offers in 10cent increments.  I don't expect the price to get much higher than a couple of dollars, but that is the fun of it!  All you have to do is write your name and bid offer in the comment section.  The auction will close at 6:00p.m Pacific Time on Friday, December 16, 2011.

Oh and don't worry about the fit, once you win I'll make sure the skirt fits you!

See you tomorrow, Happy Bidding!!


Troy Mc said...

I'm not sure if the bidding has started but screw it I'm goin for it! 10 cents!

Clarissa said...

If you would like to bid you must bid on the December 15, 2011 post.