Monday, November 28, 2011

Product of the Week - Special Edition Part One

Now I know I have neglected  my posting due to the whole Vegas kidnapping/recovery situation, but I am back and ready to go at 'er full force!  To make up for lost time I am going to do a Product of the Week Special Edition.  This week I am going to feature a new one of my designs each day of the week.... so technically I guess it's a Product of the Day..... but for this week only (lets not get carried away).

It's time to get back to how it all started.... `To get you into the "clarisky" mood check out this article that was posted on theVancouver Fashion Week Blog about my clothing designs.

And now for Design Numero Uno...........

The Sexi Relaxi Maxi

This animal print maxi dress is super sexy and comfy. It features an animal print bandeau top with a soft textured aqua colored full length skirt.  The animal print rimmed ruffle down the middle adds the "clarisky" touch.  Perfect for the spring and summer, one of my personal favs!

Let me know what you think... love it or hate?  and if you love it, send me a message I can always make you one of your very own, custom fit just for you!!! 

<3 Clarissa

P.S  Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of the special edition Product of the Week.

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Anonymous said...

Love this dress! It looks elegant yet FUN,