Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product of the Week - Special Edition Part Three

And now for Part 3 of the special edition Product of the Week.

Feast your fashion eyes on .........

The Slinky-back Tank 

A definite "clarisky" creation given the ultra low/non existent back...not for the faint at heart!!
Flowered turquoise silk, and embroidered knit lace this tank is the ultimate showstopper.

Let me know what you it or hate it?

Pop by tomorrow for Part 4

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Product of the Week - Special Edition Part Two

So here we go day two of the special edition Product of the Week.

I introduce you to the.....

The Sexy Back Mini

This mini features a fun print with off the shoulder sleeves and a lovely "clarisky" open back, accentuated with two petite bows.  This is a true mini because I had minimum fabric to work with.... who knew this chic dress was originally a pillowcase bought at VV Boutique (Value Village)  for $1.99.

 let me know what you think.. love it or hate it?... if you're interested I have one pillow case of the same print left.. could be a great skirt.. let me know and I'll whip something up for ya!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Part Three

Monday, November 28, 2011

Product of the Week - Special Edition Part One

Now I know I have neglected  my posting due to the whole Vegas kidnapping/recovery situation, but I am back and ready to go at 'er full force!  To make up for lost time I am going to do a Product of the Week Special Edition.  This week I am going to feature a new one of my designs each day of the week.... so technically I guess it's a Product of the Day..... but for this week only (lets not get carried away).

It's time to get back to how it all started.... `To get you into the "clarisky" mood check out this article that was posted on theVancouver Fashion Week Blog about my clothing designs.

And now for Design Numero Uno...........

The Sexi Relaxi Maxi

This animal print maxi dress is super sexy and comfy. It features an animal print bandeau top with a soft textured aqua colored full length skirt.  The animal print rimmed ruffle down the middle adds the "clarisky" touch.  Perfect for the spring and summer, one of my personal favs!

Let me know what you think... love it or hate?  and if you love it, send me a message I can always make you one of your very own, custom fit just for you!!! 

<3 Clarissa

P.S  Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of the special edition Product of the Week.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kidnapped by Vegas... I swear

I know I know so I ambush the fashion world with these crazy lips and then no one hears from me for a week!!  I apologize but I was kidnapped by Vegas... I swear.  I really had no intentions of going but somehow I ended up smack in the middle of all the parties, glitter and eyelashes with my lady loves from the Pointy Toe Shoe Crew .   I'm  not gonna lie I loved every minute of the kidnapping and I rocked Violent Lips every step of the way.    We danced with celebrities, enjoyed the rain (raining dolla bills that is), glammed up VIP lounges and DJ booths, and overdosed from the fumes of eyelash glue.  Take a look at the pictures below for a visual story of our time in Vegas.

As you can see here  Megan and I are holding an excessive amount of dollar bills in our hand..  that is because some young fellow looked into his wallet and thought that he had an excessive amount of money and decided they would be much more useful flying through the air.  It worked out perfect for us not only was this Megan's dream come true we made $15 each..   saweet!!

literally right behind Sander Kleineberg
 Our second night in Sin City, and due to a fortunate turn of events we ended up with an excessive amount of free drinks, rode in a limo, and danced on Deadmau5 and Sander Kleineberg's dj booth stage.

rockin' the pink cheetah lips with Holly Madison
 Our good fortune was due in part to our small stature and nimble joints (as there may have been some bush jumping) but also to the LIPS!.. I swear bouncers just don't know what to do when they see them and seem to overlook the whole stamp/wristband thing.  Works for me and by the end of the night Clarisky Business and Violent Lips got Holly Madison's wink of approval!!!

puckering up with the heart lips

All in all the Vegas kidnapping was a success and I can't wait to do it again!!

Got any crazy Vegas stories?  Share them below and I'll enter you in to the ongoing contest to win a free pair of Violent Lips!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Product of the Week - Exciting News!!!

Clarisky Business has worked her fashion magic to bring you the latest craze in the fashion world...

Welcome to the world of Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos.

 These bad boys are turning heads everywhere with tons of fun patterns and colours, and are super "clarisky".  They are an absolute blast to wear, easy to apply, and they last 4 - 6 hours no hassle, even with drinking and smooching!

I sported a new pair of lips everyday at fashion week and everybody loved them.

Pink Cheetah
Red with hearts
    Look close I've got a cupcake on my lip!

I am selling these lips to you directly for a change purse cost of $14.00.  You get a total of three appliques in the pattern of your choice.  Contact me directly at for a list of different patterns and find out how you can sport a pair of your own violent lips today.  I currently have a small number in stock available immediately, with more to come, but they are going like cupcakes!!

****Clarisky Give Away - Become a Clarisky Business follower and like my page on facebook (Clarisky Business - by Clarissa Gallaccio)  and you will be entered in to win a draw for a pair of lips absolutely free!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog.. since I got such a positive reaction to my designs at Vancouver Fashion Week I decided there was no better time than the present to start showcasing my clothing line to the world...well Vancouver at least... but probably more likely just the creeps on facebook!

My designs are meant to be fun, flirty and unique to anything you would find in the mall, featuring open backs and shorter skirts, all the while still staying classy and appropriate... I call it "Cla-risky"  classy, risky, and made by Clarissa.

Check out the "Fashion in Progress" page for peaks at what I am currently working on, the "Events" page for upcoming events, and the "Gotta Have This" page for fun fashion products you'll love.

Hope to have you perusing often!!

love always